What is SAG-AFTRA and Industry Sound Recordings Distribution Fund (SRDF)?

The SAG-AFTRA and Industry Sound Recordings Distribution Fund (SRDF), was established in 2012 under the AFTRA National Code of Fair Practice for Sound Recordings ("Code") for the purpose of receiving and distributing royalty payments by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Agreement covers more than 600 signatory companies including the four (4) major labels: Disney, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music and Warner Music Entertainment Group signed to the Code.

SRDF comprise of a board of trustees with equal representation from SAG-AFTRA and the major recording companies. SRDF acts on behalf of non-royalty artists for the digital exploitation of sound recordings and music videos for which their performance is embodied and for license agreements for both the digital and physical exploitation of covered sound recordings or music videos. These royalty payments include but not limited to permanent audio/video downloads, non-permanent audio/video downloads, interactive audio, and video streams.

SRDF also receives payments on behalf of singers who covered work is licensed and conversion fee for foreign used in traditional media/foreign (commercials, TV/Theatrical, Video games) and non-traditional media/foreign.

SRDF seeks to identify all performers who are entitled to payment for the exploitation of their work.